Evomed Sdn Bhd

Welcome to the Evomed Sdn Bhd


The mission of Evomed is to allow patients to regain a healthier and more active lifestyle through products and services which make surgery and rehabilitation simpler, faster and more effective.

We want to achieve this goal by develop a better quality products, provide faster services to healthcare professional at this region and distributing a new and effective equipment which can benefits doctors and the patients.



The company was formed on the desire to fully utilize our combined knowledge of more than 30 years in sales and marketing of medical and pharmaceutical products. Our initial discussion took place early in year 2012. During initial discussion, we were deciding to either venture into pharmaceutical or medical (equipment) industry. After considering the opportunities, our strength as well as the barriers, we concluded that medical implant business is the most suitable for us.

The next step was to look out for in-licensing products. This proved to be a simpler task because one of our partner is well known in the (regional, ASEAN) medical industry and we quickly identified a brand from Medacta, a Swiss company and Biomedical Baumann from Germany.

This led to communication with Medacta and Biomedical. We went to their headquarters in Switzerland and Germany in November 2012  and successful to become their exclusive distributor for Malaysia until now.

Along the way we also secured distributorship for disposable shaver from FRII  (Italy), I-STEM (PRP) from Korea and SBM From France.



Evomed deals exclusively with the supply of implants for Total Knee Arthroplasty, Total Hip Arthroplasty (AMIS) and also Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injection (Viscoplus)  to the patients with Knee osteoathritis. We also supply exclusively to healthcare Professionals PRP treatment for joints and also Disposable Shaver for arthroscopy surgery.

We are proud to provide top of the class technical solution on the arthroplasty and arthroscopy industry at Malaysia. Our products offer simplicity and at the same time cut the operation time and make the rehabilitation simpler and faster.

For further information on our products and  technical matter please email us.